Amazing Dental Solutions


At Amazing Dental Solutions, we’re experts when it comes to the latest denture procedures, techniques, and products. Plus, we handcraft every pair of dentures ensuring the best full, immediate, partial and implant dentures in the region.

Full Dentures

In all, we will probably see you three to seven times to make minor adjustments before sending you home for the final time with your custom fit dentures. These can include upper or lower dentures and can be made with many different types of materials so that your new smile fits your mouth, face, and personality. After all, we want you to wear your new grin with pride – even if most people around you will never know you’re wearing dentures

Immediate Dentures

Also called temporaries or transitional, these dentures are placed immediately after all teeth are extracted. Not only do the Immediate Dentures help in healing the gums, but also allow you to have a set of teeth while your mouth adjusts and heals and your muscles are “trained” for wearing a denture. As the mouth heals and swelling subsides, temporary liners are used to ensure a proper fit. Once your Immediate Dentures are in place, we will begin to craft your permanent dentures, which will last for years.

Partial Dentures

Partials are employed when some healthy teeth remain in the mouth. This option replaces missing teeth and fits between the teeth you still have. We can often deliver your Partial Dentures in an average of three appointments.